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15s head down to the Big Christmas Press Show in London to help out with the Gelblaster team!

We've been working alongside GelBlaster now for some time and we're loving our relationship with all the team there. For us, we see GelBlaster as the PERFECT gateway to paintball for the next generation of the Lucky 15s.

When they asked if we'd come down and help with the Big Christmas Press show in London,. we of course said yes! It was great to meet so many of the UK's press and influencers who loved competing against us on the Portal blasting range.

It's an amazing symbiotic relationship with this incredible company, and allowed us to not only promote our new offshoot as the GelBlaster Pro team, but also to meet so many famous influencers and talk to them about both our paintball and GelBlaster journey. Even LadBaby was a fan:

Well done to @Squashedpickle who was the only person to beat us on the Portal Challenge that day!!

Thanks to everyone that came to chat that day and we may see you soon in the arena!!

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