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One Goal. One Team.


We are a tournament paintball team based in Staffordshire, UK and compete in the European Pro circuit, the NXL. 

In their first pro season, the team took 2 podiums and were invited to compete in the Pro Division at World Cup, Orlando in 2022, a huge honour for a European team. 


We have also been at the top of the UK league, the CPPS, for the past 7 seasons. Our feeder team, the Mustangs have also placed 2nd in the UK league for the past 2 seasons. The depth of roster and commitment to future talent makes us a leading force in UK paintball.  


We are a team committed to promoting tournament paintball and showing the beauty in our sport. 

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“What an absolute masterclass . The 15s
didn’t just win all their matches, they won
every single point.” 

Paintball Performance


Allowing us to perform at our best with the best equipment and products in the industry

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We've not done this alone, and here's a section to thank our sponsors.

We value long standing partnerships and loyalty. We see our sponsorships as a symbiotic relationship, and give back as much as possible. If you'd like to partner with us, please get in touch by emailing

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