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One Goal. One Team.


We are a tournament paintball team based in Staffordshire, UK and compete in the European Pro circuit, the NXL. 

In their first pro season, the team took 2 podiums and were invited to compete in the Pro Division at World Cup, Orlando in 2022, a huge honour for a European team. 


We have also been at the top of the UK league, the CPPS, for the past 7 seasons. Our feeder team, the Mustangs have also placed 2nd in the UK league for the past 2 seasons. The depth of roster and commitment to future talent makes us a leading force in UK paintball.  


We are a team committed to promoting tournament paintball and showing the beauty in our sport. 

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“What an absolute masterclass . The 15s
didn’t just win all their matches, they won
every single point.” 

Paintball Performance

James Green #42
Mason Hinds #03
Louis Koffi #22
Thomas Carroll #26
Ethan Levy #16
Spencer Tilbury #18